Feb 01, 2016

Buzzing or hissing when using Chat Link

This article will help troubleshoot any buzzing issues you may have with Elgato Chat Link.

When Plugging into a Controller

When the Elgato Chat Link is connected to a controller, the most common cause of buzzing is if your controller is plugged into your system to charge.

Some systems have poor grounding, and their USB ports can cause ground looping in devices when connected.

Unplug your controller from your system and use it wirelessly to prevent interference from occurring when recording or streaming.

When Plugging into a Mixamp

Astro Mixamps are powered via USB, and if connected through the console, buzzing can occur when everything is set up.

Instead of plugging your Astro Mixamp into your console’s USB, you can either try plugging into an available USB port on your computer, or more ideally, into a USB wall adapter and plug it into your power outlet.

If you are using the Astro Mixamp on the Xbox One, the best option is to plug the Astro Mixamp's USB into a USB wall adapter and the plug it into the power outlet. Everything will operate as it normally would despite the change in power.

Other Causes for Buzzing and Interference

USB amplified headsets:

Some headsets are amplified via USB, and many will plug the USB of the headset into the console.

If you are using this type of headset, unplug the USB from the console, and plug it into a USB wall adapter instead.

Elgato Game Capture HD60 Pro use:

Some desktop tower’s do not have adequate shielding for analog audio. As a result, if headphones or other devices are plugged into the analog ports of your computer, some background noise can occur.

If this is the case for you, you have 2 options:

• Install a discrete sound card for better performance

• Use a USB sound card