Sep 11, 2017

Stream Command - Differences between Windows and macOS

Elgato Game Capture HD software has similar features in Windows and macOS (OS X), but not all Stream Command options are available on both platforms.

The following chart shows what features exist, and what OS you need to access them.

Feature macOS (2.8) Windows (3.5)                             
Chroma Key (Green Screen) Yes Yes  
Scenes Yes Yes  
Downloadable Curated Scenes ("Get Scene") Yes Yes  
Image Overlays Yes Yes  
Text Overlays No Yes  
Video Overlays Yes Yes  
Using Services like Twitch Alerts (Streamlabs) Yes Yes  
Webcam Overlays Yes Yes  
Web Page Overlays Yes Yes  
Record Active Overlays when not Streaming No Yes  
Record Active Overlays when Streaming * Yes Yes  

Please Note:

* The "Archive Live Stream as Recording" option in recent Mac software (2.1b85 or higher) can let you record active overlays you are using while streaming.