Mar 07, 2017

Nintendo Switch and Elgato Gaming products

The Nintendo Switch console was released on March 3, 2017, and comes with a Dock (base station), that has HDMI out.

As of Day One, there was a 2.0.0 update to the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch Dock's HDMI output will be able to work with any Elgato Gaming product, using the 2.0.0 update.

Nintendo Switch Setup - Dock HDMI Out Must Be Used

The Nintendo Switch itself does not have a video out port - you cannot connect it directly to any Elgato Gaming product, no matter what adapter you try to use.

Instead, you must connect it to the special Nintendo Switch Dock that comes with the Nintendo Switch.  That Dock has HDMI out.

1) Setup the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Dock as per Nintendo's instructions.  Confirm that you get an image on a regular TV or monitor.

2) Unplug the Nintendo Switch Dock's HDMI cable from the TV or monitor.  Leave the other end of the cable plugged into the Nintendo Switch Dock.

3) Connect the Nintendo Switch Dock to HDMI In port of your Elgato Gaming device using that same HDMI cable.

4) Connect the HDMI Out port of your Elgato Gaming device to your TV using another HDMI cable.

5) Connect your Elgato Gaming device to your computer, and launch the software.

Troubleshooting - No Audio

If you attach headphones or a headset to the Nintendo Switch while it is in the Nintendo Switch Dock, then audio will not pass through to the HDMI output.  That means that audio will not reach your Elgato Gaming device, or the passthrough TV or display.

This is due to how the Nintendo Switch is designed.  Only Nintendo can fix that issue. 

If you remove your headset or headphones, then the problem will go away.

One current workaround is to attach headphones to a 3.5 mm audio out jack on the TV or display.  However, not all TVs or displays have that sort of jack.

The Elgato Gaming team will research now to see if any other workarounds are possible.  If we find some, we will post them in this article.