Sep 10, 2018

Elgato Stream Deck Software Release Notes

Below is a comprehensive list of Elgato Stream Deck software releases.

Before updating Elgato Stream Deck, you may want to visit the Preferences and Export your Profile. 

Usually no problems happen with each update, but if a rare issue occurs, you'll be able to import your Profile again, with all of your icons and actions intact.

Elgato Stream Deck Release Notes - Software Download Links

Stream Deck 3.2 for macOS | Stream Deck 3.2 for Windows


Hotkey Improvements


Stream Deck makes remembering keyboard shortcuts an issue of the past. In this update, we focused on fine-tuning the already powerful hotkey actions even more. You can now:
  • use modifier keys as single keys
  • differentiate between left and right modifiers
  • use keys you don't have on your keyboard (F17, Page Up, Page Down, ...)
  • use the Fn key on macOS


General Updates


The following new actions have been added:
  • Twitch: Clear Chat
  • Mixer: Change Stream/Game Title
  • Tipeeestream: Play Credits


If you use GIF icons on your Stream Deck, you'll now find support for non-looping GIFs as well. This makes it possible to create icons that run through an animation before returning to their default state.


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