Dec 11, 2017

Elgato Stream Deck Software Release Notes

Below is a comprehensive list of Elgato Stream Deck software releases.

Elgato Stream Deck Release Notes - Software Download Links

Stream Deck 1.6.1 for macOS | Stream Deck 1.6.1 for Windows


Mixer Integration


Your Mixer stream just got an upgrade. With one key-press, you can now:
  • Post pre-composed chat messages
  • Clear your chat history
  • Activate / deactivate slow chat
Monitoring your live viewer count directly on Stream Deck is also possible.


280 Character Tweets


For better or worse, Twitter increased the character limit from 140 to 280 – all of which you can now employ in your pre-composed tweets.


What’s Next?


Work on Stream Deck 1.7 is well underway, so count on seeing some more nifty functionality soon. While we’re at it, what features would you like us to add? Streamlabs integration? Extra Twitter functionality? Maybe an easy-to-use Soundboard? Let us know on [Twitter]( - we love hearing from you!


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