Mar 08, 2018

Cam Link – Is Your Camera Compatible?

This article will guide you on determining what cameras are appropriate to use with Cam Link.

To check whether your camera is compatible with Cam Link, you don't need to own Cam Link.

See this detailed list of some cameras that have been tested with Cam Link:

Cam Link Camera Check

Compatibility Checklist

  •  Your camera needs to output video via an HDMI port. Most cameras have a mini or micro HDMI output jack.

  • You need to have a cable that connects your camera from the video output jack to a standard HDMI port.

  •  Your camera's output needs to be 720p or 1080p.

  • Connect your camera to any HDTV or HDMI monitor. Check that the HDMI output is "clean" — meaning whether the extra information overlays can be disabled, Most likely you'll need to check with your camera's manual to find the menu item that turns off all overlays.

  • For DSLRs, check whether your camera can be operated continuously. Check with your camera's manual whether you can disable battery save mode. Some cameras also always power down after a set period of time of continuous operation, to safeguard the camera's sensor. 

  • Can your camera be powered by an external power supply while outputting video, and while mounted on a tripod?  

Check the video below for more details about compatibility.