May 20, 2019

Key Light – Pair using iOS

Pairing Key Light to a Wi-Fi network can be done using an iOS device. Compatible iOS devices include iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.  

Key Light is controlled using the Control Center software for macOS, Windows, or iOS

Visit the Downloads page, and select Control Center.

If you want to use it with your iOS device, you can get Control Center for iOS  here:

After you have Control Center on your PC, Mac, or iOS device, then complete the following steps.

iOS Pairing Steps

1) Open the Settings on the iOS device.

2) At the bottom of the Wi-Fi settings, under “Set Up New Device” select Key Light.

It will have a name Key Light with four random numbers or letter behind it “Key Light 8385”

3) Select the network that Key Light will be paired with. Then hit Next

4) Key Light will now pair with the selected network. If pairing is successful, the setup window will show “This accessory joined [Your Wi-Fi network]"

Key Light will now show in Control Center on Windows, macOS or iOS.


If Key Light is not found by in the Wi-Fi settings, the Key Light needs to be reset. 

To reset Key Light follow these steps: 

1) Press and hold the power button in the ‘II’ position for 10 seconds, until the light blinks 3 times.

2) Release the power button and wait 5 seconds.

3) Now turn on Key Light by setting the power button to ‘I’.