Jan 22, 2019

Key Light – Pair using macOS

Key Light can be paired to a Wi-Fi network using a macOS device that features a Wi-Fi connection.

macOS Download Steps

Downloading the Control Center for macOS has a few simple steps.

1)  Visit the Elgato.com Downloads page, and select Control Center:


2)  After the software is downloaded, you will receive a Disk Image with a name like Elgato_Control_Center_1.0_593.dmg.  The numbers will be different if you are downloading a later version of the software.  Launch that Control Center Disk Image, and you will see this window:

3)  Drag the Control Center icon to your Applications folder.

4) Launch the Control Center application from your Applications folder.

macOS Pairing Steps

1) Open the Wi-Fi settings in the taskbar of the Mac.

2) Under “New Accessory” select the Elgato Key Light.

3) macOS will gather some information about the network. This may take a moment.  

4) Select the Wi-Fi network that the Key Light will join. Key Light can also be renamed. Then select Next.

5) If the network is the same that the mac is connected to, pairing will begin. Otherwise, enter the network password.  

6) Once the setup is complete, click on “Done”  

7) Key Light will now appear in Control Center



If Key Light is not found by in the Wi-Fi settings, the Key Light needs to be reset. 

To reset Key Light follow these steps: 

1) Press and hold the power button in the ‘II’ position for 10 seconds, until the light blinks 3 times.

2) Release the power button and wait 5 seconds.

3) Now turn on Key Light by setting the power button to ‘I’.