Mar 15, 2019

Key Light – Pair using Windows

Key Light can be paired to a Wi-Fi network using a Windows 10 device that features a Wi-Fi adapter.

Windows 10 Pairing Steps

1) Download and install Control Center from Elgato.

2) Open Key Light and click on the "+" icon. If Key Light is found, a number will appear next to the + button indicating how many Key Lights are in range and ready for pairing.

3) Select the Key Light which will be paired, and click on "Connect".

4) Select the Wi-Fi network which Key Light will be paired with. The drop down menu will show Wi-Fi networks compatible with Key Light (2.4 GHz b/g/n with WPA/WPA-2 encryption)

5) Enter the password of the Wi-Fi network and click on "Connect". The computer will disconnect from the current Wi-Fi network and connect directly to Key Light during the pairing process. Internet connectivity will be lost for a few seconds.

6) Key Light will turn off and on again if pairing was successful.

7) Control Center will reconnect to the network the computer was on before pairing, and then wait 60 seconds for a Key Light connection.  

8) If Key Light is properly paired and connected to the network, Control Center will show the Key Light controls. 



If you don't have a Wi-Fi adapter for your PC, but you do have a Mac, Android or iOS device, then you can use Control Center software on those devices to set things up.

If Key Light is not found by in the Wi-Fi settings, the Key Light needs to be reset. 

To reset Key Light follow these steps: 

1) Press and hold the power button in the ‘II’ position for 10 seconds, until the light blinks 3 times.

2) Release the power button and wait 5 seconds.

3) Now turn on Key Light by setting the power button to ‘I’.