Jan 15, 2019

Key Light – Not found by Control Center

If Key Light does not appear when trying to control or pair via Control Center or phone, these steps can help:  

Reset Key Light

1) Press and hold the power switch for 10 seconds in the ‘II’ position until it blinks 3 times.  

2) Release the power button and wait 5 seconds

3) Now turn on Key Light by setting the power button to the “I’ position

Restart the PC or Mac

Restarting the device can solve many different issues.  

Confirm That the Computer has an Active Wi-Fi Adapter

To pair Key Light using a Windows or macOS device, that device requires a Wi-Fi connection. If no Wi-Fi device is available, Key Light cannot be paired.  

An iOS device, or basic USB to Wi-Fi adapter can be used if the computer has no built-in Wi-Fi.  

Reset Wi-Fi Adapter

Sometimes a Wi-Fi adapter requires a reset to show Key Light.

1) On Windows, search “Network” and open the Network Status window.

2) At the bottom, click on "Network Reset".

3) Click on "Reset Now".

4) Restart the PC.