Mar 14, 2019

Key Light – Quick Start Guide

Key Light is a device that requires both hardware and software setup.

It comes with a detailed Quick Start Guide in the box, but here is some additional information for you.

Physical Assembly

• The Key Light panel has 4 mounting screw holes - one on each edge.  You can choose the one that best meets your needs.

• Screw Key Light directly onto the pole via the integrated socket and screw. Extend the pole to your preferred height.

• A non-slip rubber washer is included for mounting a camera, camcorder, etc. It is recommended that you remove it when mounting Key Light.

• It is normal for the pole to shake when fully extended.

• Warning - Do Not Overtighten

• When loosening a grip on the pole, it might take a small amount of effort to start the process.  However, you shouldn't have to use too much force.

• Push the button to engage the ratchet when tightening.

• Tighten the clamp to your desk, but do not overtighten.

• Connect the power supply and plug it into a power outlet.

Software and Pairing

Key Light can be paired to a 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network using a macOS, Windows, Android or iOS device that features a Wi-Fi connection.

You only need to pair Key Light once.  After that, it will be connected to your network, even after you turn it off and on again many times. Then, you can control it via software.

Key Light is controlled using the Control Center software for macOS, iOS or Windows.

Visit the Downloads page, and select Control Center.

Control Center For macOS

Control Center for Mac:

For information on how to pair your Key Light to your Mac, see this article:

Key Light – Pair Using macOS

Control Center For Windows

Control Center for PC:
For information on how to pair your Key Light to your PC, see this article:

Key Light – Pair Using Windows

Control Center For Android

Control Center for Android:
For information on how to pair your Key Light to your Android device, see this article:

Key Light – Pair Using Android

Control Center For iOS

Control Center for iOS:
For information on how to pair your Key Light to your iOS device, see this article:

Key Light – Pair Using iOS

After You Download Control Center

These are the steps you take to use Control Center with your Key Light.

1)  Download and install the Control Center app.

2)  Switch on your Key Light. It will take approximately 15 seconds to boot up.

3)  If your PC is not equipped with Wi-Fi, use the Elgato Control Center app from the App Store to add and control Key Light from an iOS or Android device. Wi-Fi connection is only needed for initial pairing. Once Key Light is added to your network, you can control it via any Mac or Windows PC within your network.

4)  Launch Control Center and pair Key Light by clicking the + icon.

5) Use Control Center to switch on/off, adjust brightness, and fine-tune color temperature.

Key Light and Stream Deck

To control Elgato Key Light via Elgato Stream Deck, you will need to download two things:

Elgato Stream Deck software version 4.0 or later
Elgato Control Center software version 1.0 or later

See this article for more information:

Key Light – Control Via Stream Deck

Compatible Networks

If you are not able to pair Key Light to a network, the network may be incompatible.  

To find out if your Wi-Fi network is compatible, please see this article:

Key Light – What network types are compatible?

Troubleshooting the Pairing Process

If Key Light does not appear when trying to control or pair via Control Center or phone, the steps in this article can help:

Key Light – Not Found By Control Center

Resetting Key Light

To reset Key Light:

1) Power off Key Light.

2) Push and hold the RESET Button (II) for at least 10 seconds until the light flashes 3x.

3) Wait a moment before switching on Key Light again.. 

RESET will restore your Key Light factory settings and forget all Wi-Fi credentials.