Apr 25, 2019

Elgato 4K Capture Utility — Smart Folders (1.5)

Version 1.5 of our 4K Capture Utility brings about a new feature called Smart Folders. With Smart Folders, the 4K Capture Utility can be setup to automatically filter recordings based on various criteria to make managing many recordings easier. This Smart Folder system lives within the 4K Capture Utility’s Library Tab.

This update also will automatically sort recordings from different games (depending on the metadata on the Capture Tab) into different physical folders for easier organization and file management. This can be a great help if you record many different games regularly.

Along with the inclusion of Smart Folders, videos are now saved with an accompanying .AAF or Advanced Authoring Format file. This allows you to open the video in many popular video editing programs like VEGAS Pro or Premiere Pro without needing to create a project first as this AAF will define specific information about the recording first. Each recording from the 4K Capture Utility will be in its own folder with these files included.

Included are some sample Smart Folders templates included. Such as a Smart Folders for videos recorded at 4K Resolution, 4K Videos over 15 minutes, Videos under 15 minutes, and Videos which are under 500MB. These can get you started experimenting with this system and seeing how they're setup.


Though you can create many more complex and unique Smart Folders for your needs.

To create a new Smart Folder click on the + sign on the bottom left of the Library tab of 4K Capture Utility. You will see a new window with some filtering options. You will find options such as the date a recording was made, how large a recording is, which game was being played, or even if the recording already exists in another Smart Folder.

As an example, let’s assume that you play long sessions of an open world game where there are some good short moments you wish to sort for a video later. But you don’t want to include longer recording sessions that you planned for a walk through of a mission or a Let’s Play. You also know that you wanted to collect highlights after a certain update or event within the game.

You could make a Smart Folder to look for any videos that are perhaps using Flashback Recording, are under 5 Minutes long, and were of a game such as Red Dead Redemption 2, Forza Horizon, or Sea of Thieves. And then lastly with a creation date after some specific event or update you know of.

You may wish to use the normal Duration instead of Flashback Recording Content if you don’t use Flashback or tend to manually record small sections. But using the Flashback filter can be helpful to filter out smaller test videos or videos that ended up not having anything happen.


These above parameters mean that a video would have to meet all the above requirements in order to appear within the ‘SoT Event Highlights!’ Smart Folder. This feature is early and a platform for future functionality and updates. We hope to make it even more useful in the coming updates.

If you have feedback or any questions about the Smart Folder system, feel free to contact us: http://e.lga.to/help