iOS 11 is now available, and it has many HomeKit advancements. In this post we’ll explain how you, as an Eve user, may benefit from the many enhancements.

Live smarter by knowing more about the place you care about most. With Eve, see your home at a glance, right on your iPhone and iPad. Apple HomeKit compatible.

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Auf der Entwicklerkonferenz WWDC im Juni dieses Jahres zeigte Apple, wohin der Weg bei HomeKit diesen Herbst gehen wird, wenn iOS 11 erscheint. Wir sagen, wie Eve-Anwender von den zahlreichen Verbesserungen der Plattform profitieren.

Le blog Elgato (en anglais et allemand) contient des informations pertinentes sur nos accessoires compatibles HomeKit, comment les intégrer avec des applications tierces et bien sûr sur les app Eve d'Elgato et Maison d'Apple. Des contributions claires et illustrées de type atelier expliquent les fonctionnalités des produits Eve et donnent des astuces pour améliorer votre maison connectée. Envoyez directement vos suggestions et questions à Elgato grâce aux commentaires.

Elgato Stream Deck 4.2 will not work when using OBS 21.x or earlier - move to OSB 23.x or newer.

Elgato Stream Deck 4.2 and OBS 23.x

Windows 10 Insider Preview 20H1 does not work with most Elgato Gaming Capture devices.

Windows 10 Insider Preview 20H1 and Elgato Gaming Capture Devices

Elgato Stream Deck - Version 4.2 erfordert OBS 23.1 oder neuer.

Elgato Stream Deck - Version 4.2

Die Windows 10 Insider Preview 20H1 funktioniert nicht mit den meisten Elgato Game Capture Geräten.

Windows 10 Insider Preview 20H1 - Elgato Game Capture Geräten

Der Nvidia Treiber 416.16 vom Oktober 2018 kann bei der Aufnahme oder beim Streaming Probleme bereiten - Teste unsere Elgato Beta Software zum lösen des Problems.


Das Windows 10 April Update bringt neue Sicherheits-Einstellungen mit sich, dass bei verschiedenen Capture Geräten Probleme bereiten kann.


Check out the newly released Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock. High-performance connectivity

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Important information about Elgato Thunderbolt™ 3 Dock and dual monitor/display support.

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Digitize video from a VCR, camcorder and other analog video sources for playback on your Mac, PC and iPad. Transfer video to your Mac or PC from a VCR, DVR, camcorder, or any other analog video device as a high quality H.264 file. Elgato Video Capture's easy-to-use software assists you through every step, from connecting an analog video device to capturing video and choosing how you will watch and share it.

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"Device could not be initialized. Please verify software and driver installation" message can be solved via the steps in this article.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update Fix

Important information about EyeTV's transfer of ownership to Geniatech.

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Game Capture HD

  • Feb 25, 2015

    Elgato Game Capture HD cannot play live games via the software window

    Elgato Game Capture HD is designed to record video games on your computer using an USB 2.0 connection, while you play them live on your TV or other HDMI connected display. The image in the Elgato Game Capture HD software on your Mac or PC will be delayed from live by at least a second, so it will not be possible to play the game while viewing it i...

  • Dec 27, 2018

    Firmware updates and Elgato Gaming hardware

    Elgato Game Capture software has a Settings section, which allows users to adjust how the hardware behaves. There is also a hidden, Advanced Settings mode that can help you Update Firmware. The firmware update option was only needed for the first generation of the Elgato Game Capture HD hardware, which came out a few years ago. Firmware updatin...

  • Feb 25, 2015

    Recording from a Mac using Elgato Game Capture HD

    Using Elgato Game Capture HD to record content from your Mac is a simple process. Some Macs have built in HDMI Output, and thus will not need any adapter to connect to the HDMI Input of Elgato Game Capture HD. Other Macs have other types of video output, and they will need an adapter before they can connect to Elgato Game Capture HD. Recording ...

  • Feb 25, 2015

    Troubleshooting: Retro consoles don't send HDMI passthrough to TV via Elgato Game Capture HD

    Elgato Game Capture HD can accept video from a number of retro game consoles, display it on your computer, and capture it. A retro game console is a game console from the early years of console gaming, such as the Nintendo NES. These systems often produce a non-standard video signal which modern TVs may not be able to display. The Elgato Game Capt...

  • May 04, 2016

    What is the longest USB, HDMI or Component cable I can use with Elgato Game Capture HD or Elgato Game Capture HD60?

    Elgato Game Capture HD and Elgato Game Capture HD60 will get power from your Mac or PC, via the Mini USB cable that also transmits video data. Video will usually be sent to Elgato Game Capture HD or Elgato Game Capture HD60 via HDMI or Component cables. Each type of cable has an ideal length, beyond which signal or power problems may occur. Plea...

  • Jun 26, 2014

    Always select all possible resolutions when using PlayStation 3 (PS3) with Elgato Game Capture HD

    To use the PlayStation 3 (PS3) with Elgato Game Capture HD, you need to set your PS3 to Component / D-Terminal output. Make sure you select all possible resolutions that your TV can handle. For example, if your TV can use 1080p signals, select 1080p, 1080i, 720p and 480p. If you select all possible resolutions, then the PS3 can properly nego...

  • Feb 25, 2015

    Powering Elgato Game Capture HD via USB adapters or ports

    Usually, Elgato Game Capture HD will get power from your Mac or PC, via the USB cable that also transmits video data. However, you can also turn off your computer, and use an USB power adapter with Elgato Game Capture HD. Plug that adapter into a wall outlet to supply power to Elgato Game Capture HD via an USB cable. Furthermore, Elgato Game Cap...

  • Feb 26, 2015

    Troubleshooting: Xbox One has green video or no audio with Elgato Game Capture HD

    Some Xbox One users may find that their Elgato Game Capture HD says "Unsupported Resolution". They also might notice that the video preview window in the software has a greenish tint, or that there is no audio coming over the HDMI connection. In all of these cases, the Xbox One may mistakenly be trying to use a DVI connection, instead of HDMI. S...

  • Dec 07, 2015

    Select Optimal Resolution when using Xbox 360 with Elgato Game Capture HD

    The Xbox 360 can connect to Elgato Game Capture HD using either HDMI or Component. If you are using HDMI, and have selected an unique output resolution like 1080p or 1080i, the image in Elgato Game Capture HD or on your passthrough TV may sometimes remain black. One solution is to select "Optimal Resolution" in the Xbox 360 interface: 1. Go to ...

  • Jul 28, 2016

    Elgato Game Capture HD supports most DVD and Blu-ray players, and VCRs

    Elgato Game Capture HD can record from a wide variety of Component video sources, including DVD and Blu-ray players. Elgato Game Capture HD can work with HDMI video sources, like some Blu-ray players, as long as the video signal does not use HDCP copy protection. VCRs typically do not offer Component video outputs. Elgato Game Capture HD does ac...